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Ben Wa(Kegel) Soft Orgasmus Balls

Abs Holdings

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Ben Wa (also known as kegel) balls are weighted balls that, in short, are inserted into the vagina. These Orgasmus love balls come with plenty of great features that make them a top option. First, let us assure you these discreet waterproof love balls can be worn anywhere. Their flexibility without a doubt also allows for maximum results of easy movement too!

Not only are they guaranteed for comfortable long wear but also on-the-go pleasure plus toning. Kegel balls generally are undoubtedly an effective way to train, tone, and tighten muscles. They also give control over pleasure, along with providing more intense orgasms.

These soft flexible rubber balls additionally include internal oscillating balls that move constantly. In fact, when you move they move thus responding to each individual body. Last but not least there's a handy finger loop for easy removal.

Ben Wa

Water-based lubricants are recommended for enhanced comfort.

In addition, these ben wa balls by Abs Holdings, are also phthalate-free and latex-free.

Beginners or Pros equally can enjoy the benefits. Either insert just one or both when becoming more comfortable.


Waterproof, Latex, and Phthalate free

Internal weighted balls

Soft flexible coating for comfort

Finger loop for retrieval. 

Length: 5 3/4 "/14.75cm

Girth: 4 1/4"/ 11cm

Weight: 2.25oz/67g

Color: Flesh (Pinkish)

Care Instructions:

  • Clean the Product before and after each use. Use anti-bacterial toy cleaner or warm soapy water to cleanse.
  • Pat dry with a clean cloth and/or air dry for best results
  • Store separate to avoid material reactions.

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